What is The Sequel Book: Electric Boogalook?

Besides a play on the best sequel title of all time:  Breakin’ 2:  Electric Boogaloo this is the completist’s guide to sequels, threequels, prequels, interquels, midquels, parallelquels, spin-offquels, sidequels, companionquels, remakequels, rebootquels, reimaginquels, stand-alonequels, starquels, seriesquels, team-upquels and match-upquels.  This site is a showplace for movies that couldn’t tell their story in one sitting.  How could we have gone on after Zapped! when Zapped Again! had so much story to tell. 

Included are diologies (2 movies), trilogies (3 movies), octacontakaiennealogies (89 movies) and everything in between.   Of those included, at least one installment had to be released in the theaters.  For the most part these do not include foreign films. 

I will be tweaking this site as time goes along.  It should be accurate through 2009.  Feel free to drop me a note to let me know what you think or if you have additions or corrections.


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