Daredevil getting the reboot!

Daredevil (2003) didn’t spawn a franchise of its own but it did give birth to a bouncing baby Elektra (2005).  Now it looks like new owner, Disney, is giving it another shot.  We can only assume that Ben Affleck will be getting the reboot…err…boot.  There is something to say about a franchise that goes to the reboot after one installment.  So classy! A couple years ago we got The Incredible Hulk (2008) reboot only five years after Hulk (2003) so a Daredevil reboot is coming off as looooong overdue.  Maybe they’ll call it The Incredible Daredevil so as not to cause any confusion with the original.

File:Daredevil poster.JPGFile:Elektra teaser.jpg

More about Daredevil here…



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