Hotel Hell Vacation Adquel

Chevy Chases Full Hotel Hell Vacation Short Film

There was a Super Bowl commercial last Sunday featuring the Clark Griswold, his wife Ellen, his son Rusty and the Wagon Queen Family Truckster.  The Super Bowl spot was just a trimmed down version of a 13:52 mini-movie titled Hotel Hell Vacation that was released on on February 7th, 2010.  If it hadn’t been for the fact that it produces more giggles than the first 13:52 of European Vacation (the Pig-In-A Poke game show sucked) , Vegas Vacation (not counting all scenes pertaining to Nick Pappagiorgio) and the entirety of Christams Vacation 2:  Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure I probably wouldn’t even be mentioning it.  It comes complete with opening credits, end credits, outtakes and a toned down style of hit-you-over-the-head advertising.  This adquel is definately worth checking out if you have a liking of the Vacation series.  Check it out here…


There is also more info on the latest theatrical Vacation sequel/rebootquel (or possibly updatequel) that you can find here…

I think we are getting a good look at the future of advertising here and some cute scens to boot.

Clark and Ellen Griswold in Homeaway Hotel Hell Vacation


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