Showgirls – The Return

The original Showgirls is a legendary cult movie.  It has some recognizable stars, soft-core porn scenes,  bad writing and bad acting.  It has all the ingredients to be a guilty-watch or a make-fun-of-it film.  But I don’t know what to write about Showgirls – The Return.  No idea.  It looks to be a fan-made trailer but I have a horrible feeling that it is not.  Just horrible.  What follows is a very adult-rated trailer  Probably the worst trailer I have ever had the privledge of witnessing.  Just horrible.  The score seemed to be the product of the director’s roommate’s Casio.  Just horrible.


That haunting tune has been seered into my bleeding brain.  Just horrible. 

Possible future sequels:

  • Ishtar – The Second Hump
  • From Justin to Kelly and Back Again
  • Leonard Part 6, Part 2
  • Waterworld Too!
  • Battlefield Mars
  • Still Gigli
  • Howard the Duck 2:  Gone Quackers
  • Kazaam Goes to Japan

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