Tropic Thunder Spin-Offquel?

If you saw Tropic Thunder but only came away saying ‘If it only had more of  the balder, fatter, bigger handed nerdy-glasses-wearing Tom Cruise’, you and Tom are thinking alike.  Tom Cruise mentions that he has had talks with Ben Stiller about a spin-off of Tropic Thunder featuring the Les Grossman character. 

A film screenshot showing the same man wearing extensive makeup and accessories to appear bald, have extra hair on his chest and arms, and is overweight.

Possible titles…

  • Tropic Thunder Down Under
  • Tropic Thunder:  We Forgot Some Retard Jokes the First Time
  • Hawaiian Tropic Thunder: Tan Your Hide
  • Tropicana:  Vegas Thunder
  • Tropic Thunder:  More With Les
  • Les Grossman Pointe Blank
  • Les Grossman Beyond Tropic Thunderdome
  • Les vs. Hulk:  Tropic Thunder in Paradise
  • Days of Tropic Thunder
  • Trop Gun

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