The Thing Prequel and The Thing About Prequels

Let it be known that I have no vested interest in The Thing franchise.   I don’t care if the franchise is “hurt” by the latest prequel addition or not.  But, like the current 3-D phase, I am growing a bit weary of prequels.  I know there must be some good prequels out there but for the life of me I am having a hard time coming up with any. 

The Godfather  Part II had some big prequel moments but to call it a prequel would be incorrect.  The Star Wars prequels were horrendous.  Dumb and Dumberer was one of my favorite titles of all time but the movie sucked as soon as the pen hit the paper.  Psycho IV:  The Beginning was unneccessary which I guess sums up the problem with prequels.  They are unnecessary.  We already know what happened prior to the original, that is why we had an emotional connection to the story to begin with.  What is new and fresh about a story that has to end at Point A?  The Hobbit, if it ever gets made, will probably go down as the best prequel ever made but even that is a cop-out because it was written before The Lord of the Rings.  The Lord of the Rings trilogy are the true sequels.  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was technically a prequel but more of a prior installment in a serial of one-off adventures.  It didn’t really matter that it took place a year before Raiders of the Lost Ark or a year after except it made it easier to explain Indiana’s absent love interest. 

Am I missing one out there?  Has a worthy prequel ever been made?

Read the mostly non-spoilerish The Thing prequel script review here…


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