District 9 Sequel?

Now this is a sequel that deserves to be made!

District 9 was the reason they made Science Fiction a category of film-making.  This was simply the best gritty-message-in-sci-fi-guise movie since Dawn of the Dead.  If you have not seen it yet don’t ruin it for yourself by reading below.  Buy the DVD now!

Like the article linked below says there are a lot of directions that this sequel could go.  **SPOILER** The most obvious way would to conclude Wikus van de Merwe’s story arc whether that means his return to human form (cop out!) or evolve his prawn character further (yes, please).  The idea of a prequel seems like a horrendous idea since the back story was covered so well at the beginning of the District 9 and would not answer the real questions the audience has. 

Make this sequel now!  Many of them!  The District 9 universe is one I would love to see fleshed out and explored all the way through District:  Part 9.

Possible titles…

  • District 10
  • District 9 2

Read more here…



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