Freddy vs. Jason and Michael

It took 120 days but we finally get 2010’s first true sequel reboot.

Today brings  A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot and how will the audience respond?  I expect Nightmare to open with a 38 million dollar weekend but where it ends up is tougher to nail down.  The Friday the 13th series is one of the biggest front loaded series in the cinema.  Last year’s remake reimagining made a whopping, jaw-dropping, spine-tingling 62.41% of it’s total domestic gross on opening weekend.  I am guessing Nightmare will have better legs than that but the hold-your-nose reviews that are piling in are not a good sign.

Listed below are the ticket sales for the Big 3 horror franchises, Friday the 13th, Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street.  The recent reboots are in red.  My prediction for Nightmare ticket sales?  11 million, putting this installment 8th on the list.  I think the reviews and poor word-of-mouth will cripple this thing.  Friday the 13th had a marketing campaign that was better than Nightmare‘s, great early reviews (for a slasher on its 12th installment) and a Valentine’s opening weekend.  Nightmare gave up on Robert Englund.  Nuff said.

Don’t get me wrong, I do hope Nightmare‘s box office is through the roof.  Maybe then they will take Friday the 13th 2 out of the ‘Ain’t-Gonna-Happen-Soon’ bin.  More on that craptastic news later.  This weekend belongs to Freddy!

H1 20,085,470
F1 14,778,700
F11/N8 13,701,900
F3 13,101,180 – Original release
N4 12,012,141
H7 11,735,978
N3 11,456,067 
F4 9,815,700
H2 9,184,827
F12 9,053,206
H9 8,469,772
N2 8,450,483
N6 8,283,143
F2 7,813,900
N1 7,590,629  
F5 6,177,600
N5 5,583,970
F6 5,248,500
H8 5,224,517 
H3 4,897,959
F7 4,664,200
H10 4,650,832
N7 4,327,794
H4 4,323,299
F9 3,849,100
F8 3,613,100
H6 3,475,088
H5 2,932,558
F10 2,258,400

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