Types of Sequels


  • a  mini-film sequel in the form of an advertisement that continues the characters and story (See:  Hotel Hell Vacation)


  • A Direct-to-Video sequel to a theatrically released film


  • a bookend to a previous movie but usually unrelated in character and story (See:  Zathura sequel to Jumanji)


  • a movie that is not what the title implies [See:  Saturday the 14th (1981), Leonard Part 6 (1987), Hamlet 2 (2008) and Son of Rambow (2008)]


  • …takes place between two previous movies in the franchise (See:  Fast & Furious which took place between 2 Fast 2 Furious and The Fast and the Furious:  Tokyo Drift)


  • characters from separate franchises battle each other (see:  Freddy vs. Jason)


  • …takes place during a previous movie in the franchise (See:  Saw IV which took place during Saw III)


  • is a movie that takes place within the same time period as a previous movie but from a different perspective (See:  The Lion King 1 1/2 which was a take off of The Lion King)


  • is a movie that is a parody of a movie, genre or character. (See:  Young Frankenstein and Scary Movie)


  • …precedes the current movies in the franchise (See:  Psycho IV:  The Beginning)
  • …may destroy your childhood (See:  Star Wars Episode I:  The Phantom Menace)


  • …a restart of a succesful franchise using the same character(s) but out of continuity with previous works (See:  Casino Royale rebooted 44 years after Dr. No)
  • …a restart of a failed franchise using the same character(s) but out of continuity with previous works (See:  The Incredible Hulk rebooted 5 years after Hulk)


  • …according to the producers it is not a reboot or a remake (See:  Friday the 13th of 2009)
  • …pretty much a reboot (See:  Friday the 13th of 2009)


  • …recreating a previous movie without altering much from the original (See:  Van Sant’s Psycho)


  • …picks up where the last movie left off (See:  Halloween II)
  • …uses the same characters from the previous movie but in a new situation (See Halloween 4:  The Return of Michael Myers)
  • …has nothing to do with the previous movie but whores itself off of the franchise name anyway (See:  Halloween III:  Season of the Witch)


  • …a franchise that has taken a life of its own and movies within the series may or may not have anything to do with each other (See:  Godzilla franchise)


  • …takes place in the same universe as a previous work but with its own plot and characters  (See:   Mall Rats)


  • …a spin-off movie of a Saturday Night Live skit


  • …a movie that was inspired by or in another movie, usually bringing a side character to the forefront in their own franchise (See:  The Scorpion King spun-off of The Mummy Returns)


  • …take place in the same “universe” but has little or no reference to previous work (See:  Boogeyman 2)


  • …movies that feature the actors playing very similar roles as they did in previous movies but different characters (See:  Abbott and Costello franchise)


  • …characters from separate franchises interact with each other


  • …the third movie in a franchise (Don’t See:  The Godfather, Part III)


  • …the third movie in a franchise and in 3-D (See:  Jaws 3-D)

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